Life on our farm (Part 4)

Get ready for Wacky Wine Weekend!


Our team is busy preparing for the 13th annual Wacky Wine Weekend that will take place from 2–5 June 2016. If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience a Wacky Wine Weekend, it truly is one of the biggest and best wine festivals in the country! More than 40 wineries will be offering fun-filled wine activities, outdoor adventures, live music and fine dining.

This year it will work on a coupon system for free tastings at each winery.

Additionally, Esona will be offering a Taste the Difference wine tasting at R95 per person. This is an educational tasting experience that comprises of a vertical tasting where you compare two vintages each of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

The interesting effect of glass on the taste of wine is made by comparing wine between a Joker glass and grape specific glasses (RIEDEL). Wines are also paired with fruit preserves and chocolates and a fascinating new addition to this tasting is pairing wine and music.

Please contact us to pre-book a time slot to avoid disappointment:
Thursday: 11H00 & 13H00 & 15H00 | Friday: 11H00 & 13H00 & 15H00 | Saturday: 11H00 & 13H00 &15H00 | Sunday: 11H00 & 13H00