A hidden treasure has been discovered… (Part 5)

A fictional story series on Esona and the Robertson Wine Valley He hears something… is it in the fluttering of the leaves? Could it be that the wine is singing? He peaks through the vines and listens carefully; truly he has discovered the art of music! During harvest time the exhilaration in the vineyard is […]

A hidden treasure has been discovered… (Part 4)

A fictional story series on Esona and the Robertson Wine Valley His eye catches the thin solitary stream of sunlight, like the art of wine it pierces through the top lid, as if it were a rare jewel breaking through the darkness, lighting up the dome shape underground fermentation tank. When this room, which he […]

A hidden treasure has been discovered… (Part 3)

A fictional story series on Esona and the Robertson Wine Valley He explores further …stepping down into another Kuip room. It must have taken a lot of man power to open up these passageways that make it possible for him to reconnoitre the rest of these underground fermentation tanks. His step echo’s through the five […]

Caryl’s Beer or Buttermilk Bread

My Story… My mother was born in 1918, the year of the close of World War I. Life was pretty tough for everyone then. Coming home from the war were many fathers, brothers and uncles.  This should have been a happy time, and maybe it was for a few, but most men were maimed physically […]

Caryl’s Old Fashioned Cape Bobotie

My Story… Growing up on the slopes of Signal Hill with a lovely view of Table Mountain, we were a typical old fashioned South African family. We enjoyed all different kinds of food, usually plain dishes such as I have already introduced in previous recipes, then also staples such as Macaroni cheese, egg & bacon […]

Exciting Esona News – April 2016

April has been a very exciting month so far and we’ve already been featured in some articles. They loved it so much they did an extra post just on Esona. Click the links below: Esona in die Robertson Wynvallei Where to drink wine in the Robertson Valley  

A hidden treasure has been discovered… (Part 2)

The walls are thickly built from river stones and that makes him think about the amount of engineered planning that went into such a project and how his ancestors carried the rocks up from the river bed and laid each one by hand. All this in the love of producing wine… Not any wine, he […]

Life on our farm (Part 2)

As the day draws to an end at Esona Our harvest is complete. Soon we will see our lush green vineyards turn into a landscape of autumngold leaves that will flutter down into a blanket of ground covering. The vineyards will go into rest during the winter period while our work has now only begun. We […]

A hidden treasure has been discovered…(Part 1)

A fictional story series on Esona and the Robertson wine Valley The dark moistly cool air tingles his face as he walks down the stairs into the dark underground cellar… a flickering of a candle is guiding his hollow footsteps. He is in an underground Kuip where wine use to be fermented almost 90 years […]

Life on our farm (Part 1)

News on Groenland farm, Esona Old Cellar and Caryl’s Deli There is an exhilarating atmosphere in the vineyards these days! A bustle of conversation and singing echo’s through the rows of vineyards, joined by the clicking sound of harvesting secateurs. The harvesting season has kicked off. Early morning while you are still punching the snooze […]