Caryl’s Monthly Recipe

Caryl’s Roast Gammon

My Story… When I was growing up we always had an endless stream of relatives and visitors to our house over the Dec / Jan holidays. My mom was very good at organizing the house and the whole family well in advance, moving beds around etc., cleaning and washing everything in sight. My sisters & […]

Caryl’s Hake Fillets with a parmesan crumb topping

My Story… Our family has always loved fish. As long as I can remember we had fish at least once a week, either fresh or as fish cakes or in a pie. Living in such close proximity to the sea, there is no excuse for us not to enjoy it often. My dad loved going […]

Caryl’s Apple Tart

My Story… As promised, here is my apple tart recipe. So simple to make, even a child can do it with adults help. I started helping my mom in the kitchen from about the age of 8. Coming from a large family, there was always plenty to do in the kitchen as we entertained often […]

Caryl’s Blindekuikentjies – Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breasts

My Story… Chicken is so versatile and tasty if properly cooked, so although I have given you 2 chicken recipes previously, I never tire of ‘chicken’ and find it a ‘must have’ meat to always have at hand in the fridge or freezer. Chicken is probably the most economical meat to roast for a ‘Sunday […]

Caryl’s Beer or Buttermilk Bread

My Story… My mother was born in 1918, the year of the close of World War I. Life was pretty tough for everyone then. Coming home from the war were many fathers, brothers and uncles.  This should have been a happy time, and maybe it was for a few, but most men were maimed physically […]

Caryl’s Old Fashioned Cape Bobotie

My Story… Growing up on the slopes of Signal Hill with a lovely view of Table Mountain, we were a typical old fashioned South African family. We enjoyed all different kinds of food, usually plain dishes such as I have already introduced in previous recipes, then also staples such as Macaroni cheese, egg & bacon […]

Caryl’s Chocolate Fridge Cake

My Story… Our eldest son Timothy was telling me the other Sunday when we had the family over for a braai lunch that he remembered from his childhood that I often made chocolate fridge cake. Rowan and all our boys have always been fond of chocolate, so this recipe satisfies that chocolate sweet tooth very […]

Caryl’s Chicken Pie

My Story… After the holidays and festive season with much eating and drinking the wrong foods, I thought a nice old fashioned chicken pie is just right for a hungry family! Pies once in a while are a good tummy filler and my recipe is not at all rich. It’s a good idea to maybe […]

Caryl’s Fruit Cake

My Story… It’s that time of the year again when we womenfolk generally wish it was all over before it even began, but never-the-less it is a wise woman (or man) who has a few ‘stand-by’s’ in the cupboard for the holiday season. This fruit cake is just one of them, besides some other recipes […]

Caryl’s Pumpkin Fritters

My Story… My mom taught me how to make pumpkin fritters when I was a teenager. We all loved them with our dinner as a side dish, no added sugar. The other half of the batch was served for pudding with cinnamon sugar, custard or ice cream. My mom always made her own condensed milk ice cream back […]