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The heart, the passion, the dedication, the soil and the elements all contribute to the personality of our wines.

The spirit of the valley, its history and heritage, add to the unique characteristics of our wine’s palate and nose.

The old, the young, our dreams….our wines.

The story of Esona is handwritten….

Esona… ‘The Very One’


Take a tour through the vines and roses to Esona

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Very young with lots of stone fruit characteristics. Has good aging potential.  


Still young but showcases beautiful fruit on the nose and palate. Tannins also robust – will settl


Ripe fruit on the nose, especially pears. Sweet on the palate, good acidity to balance the sweetness


Well balanced with just enough fruit and oak which makes it a great standalone wine.  


Green style with lots of grassy, mineral characteristics on the nose and bell peppers on the palate.


Dark berries on the nose and palate. Tannins are firm with plenty of oak. Well-structured wine. &


Full-bodied and complex wine. Plenty of fruit with minimal oak presence.  

, ,

Very fruity with pomegranate that lingers quite long on the palate. Good acidity and a bit off-dry.

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