Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Aubergine Lasagne

Caryls Recipe Collection Aubergine Eggplant Lasagne South Africa Cape Town Family Heritage

This dish could be vegetarian, as it has no meat, but there is cheese added, so I would say vegetarians can say it for themselves if it suits their diet. I frequently make this dish as a meatless option for our dinners at the farm, and it is enjoyed very much by our guests.

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Christmas Cake

Esona Christmas Cake Recipe South Africa

My Story… It’s that time of the year again when we womenfolk generally wish it was all over before it even began, but never-the-less it is a wise woman (or man) who has a few ‘stand-by’s’ in the cupboard for the holiday season. This fruit cake is just one of them, besides some other recipes […]

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Salmon Quiche

Esona Recipes South African Salmon Quiche

My Story… A ‘quiche’ is simply a posh name for a quick and easy pie that can be whipped up in minutes for lunch or supper, or as a teatime treat for unexpected guests. It lends itself to virtually any filling, e.g. egg & bacon, spinach & feta, cheese & veg, chicken & mushroom, etc. […]

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Old Fashioned Cape Bobotie

Esona South Africa Bobotie Recipe Header Image

My Story… Growing up on the slopes of Signal Hill with a lovely view of Table Mountain, we were a typical old fashioned South African family. We enjoyed our different kinds of food, usually plain dishes such as I have already introduced in previous recipes, then also staples such as Macaroni cheese, egg & bacon […]

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Banana Loaf

Esona Banna Bread Recipe Header Image

My Story… This is another old recipe from my mother which is one from the old Rustenburg Junior School Recipe Book. I often find that the easiest and simplest recipes are enjoyed the most, and this surely ‘takes the cake’!!! Banana loaf has been enjoyed by my whole family ever since I made it as […]

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Beer Or Buttermilk Bread

Esona Beer Bread Recipe Header Image

My Story… My mother was born in 1918, the year of the close of World War I. Life was pretty tough for everyone then. Coming home from the war were many fathers, brothers, and uncles.  This should have been a happy time, and maybe it was for a few, but most men were maimed physically […]

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Apple Tart

Esona Apple Tart

My Story… As promised, here is my apple tart recipe. So simple to make, even a child can do it with adults’ help. I started helping my mom in the kitchen from about the age of 8. Coming from a large family, there was always plenty to do in the kitchen as we entertained often […]

Caryl’s Recipe Collection – Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breasts

My Story… I had a very interesting childhood but didn’t have the privilege of our family ever keeping chickens. I grew up on the slopes of Signal Hill in Tamboerskloof at the top of the last road where it meets the forest. There lived our neighbor in a large spooky dark house surrounded by trees, […]

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