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Unique Wine Experience

Wine Appreciation

The Kuip

Esona’s Old Cellar with its underground fermentation tanks (kuips) takes you back into the former years of winemaking. Many years ago our ancestors used a very different technique to ferment wine and brandy, and it happened right here at Esona.


In the early days of winemaking, they dug into the ground and built cement cisterns by using river stones found in the Breede River just 200 metres away, using donkeys to carry the stones up the hill. The main reason for building kuips was to provide darkness and consistent temperature.


The cement walls in The Kuip were once rubbed with beeswax, to prevent the wine from seeping into the walls, and ensuring the wines are left with their distinct and unique flavours.

Wine Tasting

Standard Tastings – Two Vintages in Riedel glasses
Vintages: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz
*No Booking Required.

Price: R40,00 Per Person

Tastings & Pairing

Wine, confectionery, music and art pairing experience
*Booking Required

Price: R160,00 Per Person

Caryl's Bistro

Our upstairs bistro has a small but enticing menu that focuses on supporting local products for our platters and sandwiches.


It also has a large deck surrounded by vineyards, overlooking the Breede River with views to the mountains. Our standard tastings are done on the deck or inside, in front of our fire on cold days.