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We departed the Montagu Country Hotel on a bright, sunny morning, well rested and ready to continue our #MagicOfWinter media tour through the Langeberg Valley. We were spending our morning in the sterling company of Esona Boutique Wine Estate and frankly my dear, I was childishly excited to taste some wines!


To be honest, I’ve never heard of Esona before that day. But as my fellow winelovers chatted excitedly across the sausage-stuffed Avanza, my excitement grew exponentially. I heard exclamations of “beautiful tasting room,” “seems to float above the wines,” “vertical wine tasting,” “Riedel glasses” and “underground experience.”

Most of these concepts were completely foreign to me and they fell difficultly on my ears. Relatively new to the world of wine, I’m literally trying to drown myself in the nectar of the gods to learn as much as I can about this age-old trade. If there ever was an opportunity for learning and experiencing, then please sign me up; and it seemed as if Esona was a great place to start my journey.


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Photos by: The Little Hedonist and Esona

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